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unnamed.1It is said that the way to a persons heart is through their stomach! SALT and its volunteers have definitely found this to be true and has partnered with Feed Melbourne and Bendigo Bank to build the wellbeing of community and individuals who have come along over the years. It has been a delight to see so many people finding more purpose and joy in their lives and paying it forward.

Friday nights in Heidelberg West is a great example of this where SALT not only provides a nutritous and delicious hot cooked meal, free, to those in the commuity but also provides a space where people can get out of their homes where many fight isolation and laugh and talk to others in a safe and empowering environment.

Because it has been proved that singing realeases good endorphines and serotonin levels, we also have a Singalong that many people love to participate in. It always leads to more laughter and fun and makes everyone in the room relax and feel welcome and at home. Many of those who come along will sit at the table singing quietly to themselves or walk around humming on of our songs...job done!


Outback Communities Contribute

AboroginalsThe SALT foundation is proud to be associated with a variety of Indigenous support programs in NSW. These programs are aimed at helping develop positive self-esteem and functional life habits in a variety of community contexts. Our organizerswork to facilitate a range of activities such as; arts crafts and sports which challenge inspire and entertain. Daily programs are carried out in conjunction with local support groups. We also gather and deliver a range of much needed domestic and educational supplies to families who are in need. We are passionate about helping people who are already on the way to continue in improving the quality of their lives and those in their communities. SALT's has been welcomed by several leaders from 'the back o' Burke' in Moree and Brewarrina where we have been able to consult with, and participate, in running inclusive events whose focus is on the wholeness and wellbeing of families and youth.  

Setting: Moree is a town of around 10,000 people, located in far northwestern New South Wales; about 7 hours drive southwest from Brisbane. Moree has an indigenous population of 19.4 percent, and is noted for its rich, black soil and flat, sweeping plains.
There are numerous social problems in the aboriginal population. Most disturbing are widespread alcohol and drug abuse; petrol, paint and glue sniffing; chronic welfare dependency; family breakdown; neglect of children; youth suicide; violence and physical and sexual abuse of women and children.
Our team witnessed firsthand the results of these problems When diverse groups partner to achieve common aims, synergies develop and powerful associations develop. Social change is not only possible but probable.
On one such trip we were able to provide Lap Top computers to a local school who was in desperate need for equipment that they could give access to and teach their children simple things on a computer from the internet and programs such as word processing but we have done so much more than this.

A big thanks to everyone who has donated time, goods and money to see this program continue

Child Rescue   Sponsor a Bed


Our vision is to be partnering in our small way with those on the journey to make poverty history. With those who stand for justice and advocate basic human rights for all.
Children without parents to provide the basic necessities like food, shelter and clothing, often find themselves in danger of being exploited and working in jobs that could only be described as slavery. Alternatively, many children are reduced to begging on the streets where they live.

SALT has establish a home where children from many of the tribal villages outside of Hyderabad are rescued from this and are given back their childghood. We take care of their basics needs with the generous support of our sponsors who provide a bed in the home where they receive much needed love and support . Naturally we provide them with education up to year 12 where they are able to pursue more sustainable careers.

What we learned from our Children's Home was that ordinary unschooled people can make a difference! Join us in helping these children by sponsoring a bed so another child can recieve food, shelter, education and a place to belong.