Feeding Melbourne

Providing connection and support


It is said that the way to a persons heart is through their stomach!

SALT and its volunteers have definitely found this to be true and has partnered with Feed Melbourne and Bendigo Bank to build the wellbeing of community and individuals who have come along over the years.

It has been a delight to see so many people finding more purpose and joy in their lives and paying it forward.

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Aboriginal & Torres Strait

Providing Relief and Celebrating Success


The SALT foundation is proud to be associated with Indigenous support programs in New South Wales.

These programs are aimed at helping develop positive self-esteem and functional life habits in a variety of community contexts.

Our organizers work to facilitate a range of activities such as; arts crafts and sports which challenge inspire and entertain.

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Emergency Food Relief

Relief when it is needed the most


Our vision is to be partnering in our small way with those on the journey to make poverty history.

With those who stand for justice and advocate basic human rights for all.

Children without parents to provide the basic necessities like food, shelter and clothing, often find themselves in danger of being exploited and working in jobs that could only be described as slavery.

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The Salt Foundation

The Salt Foundation is a faith-based charitable organisation with the vision of implementing the ministry of Jesus in serving the poor, the needy and the oppressed, being non-denominational we enjoy a close relationship with all “Believers”.

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Salt Partners

There are many different ways to get involved.

Business Support | Monthly Support | Legacy Gift

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Have you ever thought about giving up your time to help others?

Join us here at the Salt foundation in order to make a better world for all of us.

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