SALT Support Workers help with core supports that enable a participant to complete activities of daily living.


A Support Worker is someone you pay to help you because of your disability related needs. Support workers: assist people with self-medication, implement care 

programs for those in residential establishments, provide in-home support with health issues and daily living tasks such as washing, dressing, eating, transport and budgeting.

How might you use your ‘Core’ funds for a Support Worker?

  • Helping with your personal care (toileting, feeding, showering, teeth cleaning, shaving)

  • Moving around at home – transfers from bed or chair to wheelchair or toilet or shower etc.

  • Building your skills (cooking/making snacks, kicking a football, cleaning/tidying, getting dressed, washing dishes, using a computer, gardening)

  • Helping you try new things or continue existing activities (hobbies, recreation, leisure, employment, sports, volunteering, making friends, learning new things)

  • Helping you make friends and get out into your neighbourhood and into your local town or city.

  • Cleaning, yard-work, watering, filing, laundry, changing beds.

  • Cooking, light household duties, laundry etc.

  • Transportation – driving you around or going with you on public transport.

  • Indirectly providing families and carers time away from their caring role.

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