Rights and Responsibilities Policy


The Salt Foundation (Salt) is an inclusive organization committed to providing high quality, individually tailored and group centred services, that meet the needs and goals of all clients, regardless of their gender, cultural, linguistic and sexual identity.


Know Your Rights


Respect and Dignity

  • You have the right to be treated with respect, dignity and consideration by all staff and volunteers involved in your program.

  • Information, Access and Choice

  • You have the right to be fully involved and informed about services options and costs, and the right to choose or change your service provider. You have the right to request a professional interpreter. For more information on ‘Salt’s’ services, and our Access Policy, please ask one of our friendly staff

  • Your program, quality, safety and participation

  • You have the right to receive safe and high quality services from an appropriately qualified practitioner. You have the right to be fully involved in determining the program goals and action plan.


  • You have the right to have a family member, friend, advocate and/or interpreter with you during program sessions or meetings. You may wish to inform us if this is to occur. If you need support, or an interpreter, Kids Plus can assist you with this and/or help you access alternative support services.

Confidentiality and privacy

  • You have the right to privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. Your information shall only be shared with other people with your written consent. For more information on our Privacy Policy, visit our web site.


  • You have the right to comment on your program and Salt, and to have your concerns addressed. For more information on our Feedback and Complaints Procedure see the section over page.

Client Responsibilities


Communication and Information

  • You are responsible for providing us with relevant information (medical and otherwise) to assist with your program, and advising us of any changes to this information. This is vital to ensure Salt can meet their duty of care obligations, and provide appropriate programs.


Participation and Commitment

  • Your program will be more successful if you are fully involved, commit to your appointments, and undertake all the activities and recommendations agreed to by you and an advocate or therapist as required. Let staff know if you have any queries, worries or concerns.


Respect and Courtesy

  • You are responsible for treating your service provider, staff, volunteers and other clients with respect and courtesy.



  • Salt is always striving to improve the quality of our services and your feedback is a valuable part of this process. You can:

  • Provide feedback to staff working with you

  • Discuss any concerns with the Clinical Manager

  • Ask for support and/or an advocate to help you with giving feedback

  • Complete a feedback form available from any of our staff

  • Send an email to admin@thesaltfoundation.org.au

  • Participate in The Salt Foundation feedback surveys


If you feel The Salt Foundation has not responded to your feedback or concerns, and/or you are unhappy about any decisions or actions, you may:

  • Discuss your concerns with any of Salt’s managers

  • Complete a Salt complaints form available from any staff member

  • Email your complaint to admin@thesaltfoundation.org.au

  • Seek support from an Advocacy Service

  • Contact the Disability Services Commission (tel: 1800 677 342; www.odsc.vic.gov.au) or


Other organisations listed below:


  • Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

  • Victorian Advocacy League for Individuals with Disabilities (VALID)

  • Disability Rights and Advocacy Service

  • National Disability Insurance Agency

  • http://www.advokit.org.au/

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