MEAL PREPARATION Volunteer chefs are organised on rotating roster and can sign up individually or as part of a group. Each individual or group is responsible for providing a meal. Arrangements are made in advance for the food delivery. It is transported, hot and ready to serve, by the chefs themselves or someone designated to deliver it to the hall. Our chefs often donate the meals they prepare, however as ingredients can at times be expensive, a list of basic items that are available.  Many people who attend our community dinners do not have access to regular, home cooked meals, so we set out to serve quality food that has been lovingly prepared each week. Our volunteer chefs are invaluable!

CHATTING WITH SOME ONE. Human companionship is one of the most basic needs of life. Sitting down beside someone, sharing a meal or cup of tea and giving some one your attention in conversation makes a big difference. Being willing to listen or to empathise and share life’s ups and downs together is a valuable gift. This simple one-on-one connection helps people who may be struggling to better deal with the challenges of life.

SERVING FOOD: Life is tough when you’re living rough. The simple act of bringing a plate of food or a cup of coffee to the table for someone is a wonderful way to lift a burden and say, “I care about you; I see you; you matter.” Serving food to people is encouraging! At West End Christian Fellowship, we have noticed many people who have physical challenges lining up at the servery to receive their meal; then one of our volunteers says, “Hey, why don’t you find a seat and I will bring your meal out to you?” Beautiful! There are also others who serve from the kitchen, plating the food and keeping the coffee, tea and cold drinks flowing. There is always a place for you to serve!

SET UP AND CLEAN UP: We are fortunate to have the use of a great facility where people can gather in comfort. Taking good care of it is a big part of contributing to the community in which we are a part. Tables and chairs need to be set up and put away, and floors need to be swept and benches wiped down at the end of the evening each week. There are food containers to be washed and basic equipment to be packed away for the following week. If you would like to help in this way, you are welcome! This vital work has been a huge part of serving nearly five thousand meals over the last year!

MAKING FRIENDS: Imagine how different the world would be if every year everyone sought out an individual from a disadvantaged background and became their friend? Making a friend of folks who struggle does not mean you have to rescue them from their current circumstances; It simply means being willing to listen, encourage, interact, and demonstrate unconditional love during their week. For someone living rough, suffering with a mental illness or battling with substance abuse, his or her lives can be transformed by such a relational connection.

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